7 thoughts on “THE COYOTE AND THE SNAKE”

  1. SaSuWeh – Stephan here – we trod the same path many years ago for a while in Boulder; your wife taught me how to make Indian fry-bread, and I showed you some French butchery skills – we sweat lodged, and danced … I remember you often, and smile

  2. Hello SaSuWeh, another long lost friend from Boulder around 1980, I am Markus Schliessler, then newly arrived from Germany. You gave me that wonderful book with poems. Traveling thru Utah right now, I searched you and here you are! So nice to know that you are living full life! I created a nature community in Costa Rica and would love to invite you to come visit if you want! Peace, Markus

    1. Markus, How wonderful to hear from you! And at such a time that I have been thinking of visiting Costa Rica. Amazing how life works! So yes lets be in touch as soon as you find the time, I live and work in my home here with my tribe in Oklahoma, so I make my schedule and will be available to talk to you whenever. My email is and when you write me, I will give you my other contact information (cell). I’ll also send a note to and see if that reached you. Can’t wait to talk soon Markus, Dan (SaSuWeh)

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